Thursday, July 18, 2013

Progress Report 3: Maximize the Minimal

          I'm one fourth done with Project Two Moons. But don't break out the confetti just yet. That's a measly 3 out of 12 chapters on file, which translates into roughly 15k words. (Like I said, hold the hurrahs). Technically, I'm actually one week behind in my ink jot quota . . . However,considering I was afflicted with a grievous cold and a massive case of poison ivy all in the same week, I am forgiving my temporary lapse in brilliancy just this once. I can still finish the draft before the end of August! Hmm, what have I learned so far in my drafting process? The importance of maximizing the impact of minor characters! Don't create flimsy paper dolls blown aside with a page. Weigh them down with motives, mannerisms, manias, the works! Make them memorable. Just be careful not to let them steal the story. For example, a dead emperor in my current WIP is taking up far too much time in a princess's heart. If I'm not careful, I won't leave room for Jack. Bother!

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