Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Progress Report 2: Information Overload


              Project Two Moons is running slowly, but I just hit my first 10k mark! Hurrah. Hopefully my mental drive has finished warming up and will kick into high drive now. Today I want to ponder the perils of first chapters. Specifically, the danger of information overload. I frequently catch myself trying to lay out way too much world-building in the first chapters. I have to remind myself that I should be leaving a tantalizing bread crumb trail for my readers, not a spilled cart-load of loaves. However, sometimes I just need to write the idea down even if I know I'm ultimately not going to include it in that particular section. That's what sister files are for! I can always transplant the idea later on in an appropriate passage. First drafts are inherently messy. But that's okay. In fact, it's MORE than okay. It's the reality of writing and I have to accept it if I am going to escape the mire of hyper-analysis and actually string syllables into sentences. Perfection is a process, not an instantaneous imprint! The Greeks got it: their word for perfection meant "complete" or "finished."

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