Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi

Vibrant: this word perfectly encapsulates the world of Alice Alexis Queensmeadow, who was born into a world where colors and magic are intricately woven together. Hue is everything in Ferenwood, and while she has a hidden and much hated talent, to all appearances she is just a pale and washed-out albino with no magical abilities. But she has an even bigger problem: her father has been missing for several years, and when the wily boy Oliver promises to lead her to him if she will accompany him on a questionable journey, she takes a wild chance. They cross over into the Wonderland-like land of Furthermore, where the only thing more dangerous than the land's unpredictable magic are the natives, who like to dine on the magic-rich souls of any visitors who dare enter. One of my absolute favorite scenes in the book is when Alice meets a native boy who is her vivid opposite in rich colors, and instantly smitten, she stumbles over her words as she tries to ask him to marry her on the spot. Alice is no delicate damsel, but a willful girl who is not afraid to go after what she desires most. What I loved best about this story is how very human the characters all were in their wants, needs, and dreams: alternately selfish or kind,  brave or fearful, hurting and healing each other. The story wove a spangled tale of living, breathing ink. Here's hoping for more forays into Furthermore!

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