Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Food for Thought, Entry 3: Tetsunabe

Before I came to Japan, my only taste of yakisoba was as a rather sad little microwave meal. The smell of fresh, hot yakisoba cooking has your mouth watering long before you even bite into it!
My husband and I stumbled upon this little gem of a restaurant tucked away in the basement of the Parco building in Tenjin. The bright red and gold banner reads "Tetsunabe," which translates as "Iron Pan," because the food here is brought out still sizzling in the iron pan in which it was cooked.

(Behind the colorful front entrance are narrow wooden tables with jugs of ice water for the patrons.)

My favorite dish at this restaurant is the yakisoba and gyoza combo. The sides are scrumptious as well: a crisp salad with a light but flavorful dressing, mildly spicy pickles, and a clear fish stock broth with seaweed and green onions.

On the subject of sides, the consistency of Tetsunabe's white rice is always fluffy, sticky and exceptionally soft. I don't even care for white rice that much, but at Tetsunabe I almost always finish my bowl!

Their gyoza are always plump and juicy, even more so when bathed in a strong brown dipping sauce. The yakisoba noodles are addictive in their deliciousness, especially when a liberal dose of nori flakes (dried seaweed) is added on top of everything.

If you ever get the chance, stop by Testunabe to have your taste buds blown by utter scrumptiousness!

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