Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Novel Playlist

Hurrah! After my stelliferous agent approves final revisions, my next novel will soon be cast into the sea of submissions. It's a middle grade fantasy about a grumpy old dragon with a bad habit of misplacing dangerous treasure, a band of orphans who lost their orphanage, and hordes of wicked mutant ex-unicorns, oh my! In celebration of my novel's completion, I made a track list to go along with the, shall we say, thematic ambiance of each chapter.

Really, I just want an excuse to share some of my favorite artists' music . . .

1. "Sad Lisa" by Angels of Venice from the album Summer Solstice

2. "The Dragon's Breath" by David Arkenstone

3.  "New Day" by Libera

4. "Music for a Found Harmonium" by James Galway

5. "Wind" from the album Art of Harp.  *(44 seconds of transcendent bliss)

6.  "Winds of Change" by Nox Arcana

7. "Time" by Bond from their album Remixed

8.  "White Shadows" by Coldplay

9. "Wind, Water, Fire and Stone" by Judy Collins

10. "Fading Embers" by Nox Arcana

11. "Requiem for the New World" (Orchestral) by Azedia

12. "Norwegian Dream" by the Green Children

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