Thursday, May 15, 2014

Interview with an Artist: Audrey Bagley

 This May, I have the pleasure of interviewing artist Audrey Bagley for my continuing segment on inspiration and creativity!

What is your process of inspiration for creating art?

I have dreams where I meet people in other dimensions or worlds that don’t exist and wouldn’t exist had I not seen them in my dreams. When I wake up I know that without visually documenting the worlds I have encountered, the worlds will never be seen.

I mostly draw girls, and although they have different colors of hair and features, I am drawing an experience or thought that came from me, so I imagine everything as a self portrait.  I like to leave questions and open interpretation. I’m always questioning purpose and life.

I don’t believe art should be identical replicas of anything that’s already created, i.e., a copy of a photograph.

My process for Art is to use the pieces of every different puzzle I’ve ever encountered and put those different pieces together into a new form that connects with a feeling. I like to arrange feeling into something expressive and tangible.

Who is an artist that inspires you and why?

Nobuo Uematsu. He is a video game composer for the most beautiful video games I’ve ever played (given I haven't played video games hard core since high school). I used to think I would become a composer because of him. When I did more research on the video games he was involved in creating music for, I later found Yoshitaka Amano, who was the main artist of those games. They were both self taught artists, which really encouraged me in my teens to work hard at what I love. I really thought I was going to work for Squaresoft video games back then, haha.

How do you overcome fallow spells in creativity and regain the courage to create again?

When people say, “Wow you are doing a lot,” or, “You’re on a roll,” I don't let these comments allow me to become too comfortable and settle down. I’m not done yet and I never will be. I always take note, "If I don’t do it, it isn’t going to happen.”

Not too long ago I found myself in a dizzy spell after a few hard blows. Over time I recognized a parallel between my physical well being and my personal energy and willpower to create. I exercise more and take one or two days a week to focus on hanging out with friends. Then the other days I have to say no to everything and get to work.

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