Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Revise thyself!

                                                                 (Ragged Loveliness)

Ahem . . . pardon my intolerable lateness. I lost most of August to an unexpected tonsillectomy. Project Two Moons must now contend with my last semester of graduate school, learning Japanese, wedding planning and preparing to move halfway across the globe all by the end of December (insert mega-gulp). However, I fully intend to complete the rough draft before November! I guess that makes it Project Four Moons? Meh. I think the most important lesson I have learned from my miserable end-of-summer experience is that grape popsicles are simply fabulous (but four boxes later, I doubt I shall ever eat them again!). No, that's not it . . . I learned that all my plans and passions can be pulverized, and I will still spring ink from the wreckage. Don't surrender your writer's quill just because you are mired in a desolate moment. Time passes, but we scribblers are our own eternal punishment. You have to cut yourself some slack for being a fallible mortal. Give yourself permission to follow the strand of syllables inside again. Sentences are always waiting to be picked up, even if you have to leave them hanging for awhile.

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