Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Project Two Moons

Summer Salutations! I've never done this before . . . charted a work-in-progress online. But I think tracking my ink will sharpen my creative quill while also giving me a chance to meta-write about the process, so it's time for a grand experiment! Today is June 25th. I'm going to set my deadline for August 25th. That's two months to finish the first full draft of my next novel, hence, Project Two Moons. I shall be giving weekly progress reports to analyze what works, what doesn't, and what inspires. Today's scintillating thought: “Books are gems. Books which leaves your spine aching from sitting up all night reading them; Books whose characters live in the bright corners of your mind. Books which hold the limits of space and time within them; Books which teach you all that man knows and all that man wants. Books are power.” -Philip Womack The only hint I shall give today about my current WIP can be found in this photo:

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