Monday, July 23, 2012

Got lyrics in your ink?

I just finished a monstrous revision of an MG fairytale. I found that choosing a "theme" song for all eighteen chapters seriously enhanced the fun. What lyrics would you splash into your creative ink? Here are mine:

1. “Transcendence” by Lindsey Stirling

2. “Lullaby” by Emmy Rossum

3. “I wasn’t born to follow” by Carole King

4.  “Strangely beautiful” by Amethystium

5.  “The Butterfly” by Celtic Woman

6.  “It’s Amazing” by Jem

7. “Flute” by the Barcode Brothers

8. “Sweet Dreams are Made of These” by Emily Browning

9. “Ambulances” by Ladytron

10. “The Fairies’ Wind” by Trobar de Morte

11.  “Numbers” by Great Northern

12. “Requiem for a dream” by Clint Mansell

13. “My happy ending” by Avril Lavigne 

14. “Marvelous Things” by Eisley

15. “Not gonna get us” by T.A.T.U.

16. “Nightmares” by Corvus Corax

17.  “Coloring the Void” by M83

18.  Skies on Fire” by The Green Children

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