Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sea Coronets and Ultimate Recycling

So my little sister made me a crown for Valentine's of such extravagance I'm fairly certain that even Ariel would turn sea-green with envy! The crown is a combination of Floridian sea shells, broken glass, faux pearls and gem stickers all hot glued onto three pie tins.

That's right, pie tins! I'll never look at recycling the same way again.

1. For anyone wishing to construct their own crown, you will need a three pack of Hefty EZ pie tins (mine is slightly larger than the regular 8 inch pie tin size, but the size is entirely dependent on your preference).

2.Keep the three pie tins together. Use scissors and/or a razor to cut out the bottom of the three pie tins and crimp the edges shut. The edges can be sharp, so you might consider wearing gloves.

3.To mold the crown to your head, cut the ring of foil open and then punch holes in either end. Connect the holes with a ribbon or a strong strip of foil.

4. Now comes the fun part-choose your gems and apply copious amounts of hot glue. Mirrors shards and colored bits of glass work splendidly. Just be careful not to go overboard with the ornamentation . . . the crown gets heavy, fast!

If the rim of the crown is uncomfortable, consider gluing on a strip of felt or cloth, and you're ready to rule.

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