Sunday, October 31, 2010

Paired Writing

As I have the privilege to work with Dr. Will Hochman this semester, I've picked up a few creative writing tip gems, like "paired writing." It's usually done in groups of two, sometimes three people. There are five steps. Each person starts their own story at the first step. People have only about two or three minutes for each step before switching stories with their partner. The end result can be hilarious!

1. Describe a setting

2. Insert a character (speech, action, description, etc.)

3. Insert conflict (more characters, action, etc.)

4. Insert crisis

5. Create a resolution. No "just a dream" endings

If you want a fuller description of the exercise, go to
(Hochman, Will (1997-8). Transactional Dynamics of Paired Fiction Writing. Wings, 5(2), 7-9)

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